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Ware Festival 2016: Theme Announced  
9 February 2016

Ware Festival 2016: Theme Announced

Carnival Day 2016 falls on Saturday 2 July and the theme is ‘'Roald Dahl' in celebration of his centenary.

The day promises to be great fun, with the River Parade of decorated boats at 12.45pm, the Carnival Parade at 1.20pm and the Town Fair in the Priory Grounds

As always, there will be loads of stalls and entertainment for everyone at the Town Fair.

Our theme for 2016 is 'Roald Dahl' in celebration of his centenary and offers great scope for the Carnival Parade. There will be prizes for the best in the parade as well as prizes for stall holders following the theme.

The benefiting group for 2016 is Leaside Community Centre, currently fundraising for a complete refurbishment. This will benefit the many local groups and organisations who use the venue and will allow even more local groups the opportunity to use this town centre community centre.

Returning for the 3rd year is the popular Riverside Real Ale Festival in Fletchers Lea. This festival is proving to be a very popular additional Ware Festival calendar. The Festival takes place on the second weekend of the month long festival - the 9 July.

Hertfordshire Music Centre will hold a Summer Celebration with their Youth Orchestra, Concert Band and various other smaller ensembles at the Priory on Sunday 10th July and Leaside Church will hold their sumptous annual Cream Tea in the Priory grounds for the duration of the concert.

There will, of course, be the other usual Performance & Action weekend activities throughout the town - more details to follow.
Rock in the Priory closes the Ware Festival on Sunday July 24. Details to follow.

In a change for 2016 the Ware Festival Committee will not be producing a programme.  Instead a simple online programme will be available to download from Ware Online and

Copy will be need to be submitted by 11 March 2016 .

Forms for the Carnival Parade and stalls for the Town Fair are  available to download from

For any Festival related queries please contact Rosalyn Montgomery at Ware Town Council on 01920 460316.

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