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This section is for anyone who wants to contribute their own features and articles about the town of Ware. I'm sure most people have a story or a picture that could be preserved and published on this web site. If it's a childhood story your grandfather told you or you remember the day the Butchers shop burnt down in the High Street, write it down and mail it to us here at the web site.

We can't promise to publish everything that comes in but we will do our best. We are already actively working with local residents and community groups so watch out for more features coming on line soon.

Prepare offline and send to

or post to
    Ware Online
    PO BOX 30
    SG12 0FT
If you have a picture to go with your story please send it and we will scan and return it. Even better, if you can, scan it and send as an attachment. If we are able to, we may take a picture to go with your story or use something from our archives.

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