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Cllr. Jonathan Kaye - Mayor of Ware

Cllr. Jonathan Kaye was elected Mayor for the new Civic year at a Ceremony in The Priory on 16 May 2016.

Jonathan is a councillor with Ware Town Council and East Herts Council.

He is a journalist by profession and moved to Ware in 2014. Cllr. Kaye was previously a councillor at the London Borough of Enfield, where he was Executive Member for Leisure & Culture and comes originally from North London but has also lived in Liverpool, Wiltshire and Sussex.

Jonathan lives in Ware with his partner, Kezia. He has 2 sons, Ben and Daniel who studied at schools in Hertfordshire.

If you have any issues you would like to discuss with the Mayor or bring to his attention, he would be pleased to hear from you; either directly or via the Town Council office at Ware Priory.

Each year the Mayor chooses one or more charities to support during their year of office. This year the Mayor has chosen:

Pinewood School Academy Trust.

Cllr Ian Devonshire was elected Alexander Curtis and is the second-youngest deputy mayor in British history.

The role of Mayor is principally a symbolic one, with the post being held for 12 months, and elected by the full town council. Past mayors include: Phyllis Ballam (2015-2016), Ros Standley (2013-2015), Phyllis Ballam (2012-2013), Edward Bedford (2010-2011), Katherine Little (2009-2010), Phyllis Ballam (2008-2009), George Powell (2007-2008), Terrence Milner (2006-2007), Malcolm Alexander (2005-2006), Phyllis Ballam (2004-2005), Jeanette Taylor (2003-2004), Victoria Shaw (2002-2003), Peter Horry (2001-2002) and Jan Wing (2000-2001).
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