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Draft Decision for Biffa's Environmental Permit variation at Westmill Landfill, Ware
Published:25 Feb 2013

Draft Decision for Biffa's Environmental Permit variation at Westmill Landfill, Ware
In July 2012, Biffa Waste Management submitted an application to The Environment Agency to vary its environmental permit for its Westmill Landfill in Ware. Biffa want to construct and operate a Soil Repair Centre on the Landfill site. The soil recycling facility will convert contaminated soils into cleaner, reusable soils. Biffa will use these soils on site as restoration and daily waste cover material.

The consultation period has now begun.

The role of The Environment Agency is to decide whether to grant Biffa Waste Management a variation to their environmental permit based on the potential environmental impacts of the proposed change.

This is totally separate from Biffa’s application to increase the amount of waste and does not affect any timescales relating to the end date for landfilling or restoring the site.

At the moment The Environment Agency are satisfied that the introduction of a Soil Repair Centre will not pose any significant harm to the environment or human health and see no reason why they can’t issue a permit variation. The Environment Agency are considering approving the application and have produced their draft Variation Notice with a document explaining our decision.

Before they finalise their decision, The Environment Agency are asking other organisations and the general public for their comments on Biffa’s draft Variation Notice and their Decision Document. They want to explain how The Environment Agency have made their draft decision, and make sure they haven’t missed any information crucial to them reaching the right conclusion.

The Environment Agency's draft Decision Document has been made available for the public to read and refer to when submitting any further comments. Biffa’s draft Variation Notice is a large document and not easy to post. You can view this and other documents on The Environment Agency website linked below.

The Environment Agency would like your comments on whether they have missed any significant issues regarding the operation of the soil treatment facility that may have an impact on the environment and the wellbeing of local residents and communities. This may include:

  • the types and quantity of waste accepted at the soil repair centre
  • potential environmental impacts, i.e. air quality, water quality etc
  • odours, noise (specifically from site operations) or similar amenity issues
  • environmental monitoring

You can find more details on the Soil Repair Centre and how they are progressing Biffa’s application on their dedicated Westmill II Landfill webpage;
You can also view a copy of the draft Decision Document and Biffa’s Variation Notice free of charge at the following places:

The Environment Agency
2 Bishop Square Business
St Albans Road West
Hatfield, AL10 9EX
Tel. 01707 632404

Ware Library
87 High Street
SG12 9AD
Tel. 0300 123 4049 (select option 2 and ask for Ware Library)

East Hertfordshire Council
Hertford Office
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ

Before you travel, please call your chosen venue to ensure the application is currently available to view.

If you would like a complete copy of and related documents and are unable to visit the above venues, please contact Louise Chalcraft (External Relations Officer) by telephone on 01707 632511, or email

Please send your comments about Biffa’s draft Variation Notice and The Environment Agency's draft Decision Document to the address below or email
Please quote application number EPR/DP3431PC/V006.

PSC - EP Team
Quadrant 2
99 Parkway Avenue
Parkway Business Park
S9 4WF

(Normally, all comments are placed on their public register. If you do not want your comments to appear on the public register, please make this clear.)

If you would like to find out more about landfills and the roles The Environment Agency have in the permitting and regulating of these facilities, please visit their website, at

If you have any questions about how to get involved in the consultation, contact The Environment Agency.

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