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How to Support Ware Online.

Many of you may have seen the million dollar homepage with its original way of selling advertising space. Well this is Ware Online's take on the theme. It is hopefully the solution to help raise much needed funds to keep the site running and to assure a secure future for the site.

Business Support - £10 Business Advert
On the £10 Business Advert page, each grid space is 70px x 20px expanding to 100px x 40px with a mouseover. It is a case of first come first served. Each image will be placed to the right of the previous one and will link to your specified page.

So if you'd like to support Ware Online by having your own £10 advert, just send your interest via the contact us form and I'll contact you.

You'll need to provide an image (MUST be 100px x 40px .jpg or .gif - no animations), your site url and the alt/title attribute description for the image.

Let's see how big and colourful this page can get and how creative you can be in 100px x 40px.

Images featured on this £10 ads page are the copyright of their respective owners.

Individual Supporters
If you would like to contribute to the running costs on Ware Online, you can either send a donation via post or via PayPal. For postal donations, please contact me.

Donations via PayPal can be done by clicking the following button.

Everyone who supports Ware Online will be added to the Supporters page. A web address or email address can be added to this list on request.

Your support is very much appreciated and will ensure Ware Online continues to be one of the best community web sites in England.

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