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Today is Saturday, 23 July, 2016.
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Ware Town Watch was established to enable shopkeepers and licensees to warn each other of potential criminal activity and monitor any suspicious persons in the town centre.

It now has 26 members from retailers, pubs, and venues. All have a radio which relays messages across the membership and up to CCTV control centre in Stevenage.

There are 6 cameras in the town centre . These are monitored 24/7 by operators in Stevenage who are able to transmit the pictures to the police control room when required

Each member with a radio pays a small monthly hire fee towards the cost of the Ofcom licence and administrative expenses. This is a business expense and may be entered into the business accounts as such.

The success of the scheme depends on the excellent working relationship between the Hertfordshire Constabulary Neighbourhood Safety Team, East Herts Council, DCRS (The company suppling the radios) and the CCTV Control Room in Stevenage as well as the members themselves.

In order that members could be brought up to date with police and criminal activity the pubs organise bi-monthly meetings . The police are in attendance to update members and to discuss the banning of persons that have caused disturbances as part of the Behaviour or be Banned (BoBB) scheme. Any person banned in Ware is also banned in from entering a pub in Hertford and of course the otherway round.

The main success of the Ware Town Watch scheme has been the engendering of a community spirit amongst all sectors of the town which has also led to the formation of a safer town centre environment for shoppers, visitors, traders and residents alike.

For further information contact Keith Batchelor the Town Watch Co-ordinator. 01920 462241.

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