Masterplan approved by council

Friday 11 October 2019

Outline plans for development to the North and East of Ware have been approved by the district council, following a meeting of the Executive on Tuesday 8th October 2019.

The Masterplanning Framework Document was produced by Ptarmigan Land, working with East Herts councillors, town and parish councillors, representatives of the local community and other interested groups.

The plans could see up to 1500 new homes built in a belt from the A10 north interchange, clockwise around to Widbury Hill in the east.

The land was declassified as green belt last year with the adoption of District Plan, following a formal Examination In Public led by an  independent inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

The new development would see 1000 new homes built initially, including 40% affordable housing, a care home sheltered properties, self-build and custom housing, along with provision of a site for 8 serviced plots for Travelling Showpeople. The site will also deliver a range of other uses and infrastructure, including a new link road, primary school, a secondary school, neighbourhood centre, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, public open spaces, and consideration of the need for cemetery provision.

There were two public consultations ahead of the draft Masterplan. The first involved community planning workshops held over two days in May 2019 , attended by over 700 people. Workshops were held to gain a better understanding of the town from its residents and business operators. A subsequent event in July 2019 saw over 900 people in attendance, reporting back and building on the information gained from the first event. 

In presenting the Masterplan to the Executive, Council Leader Linda Haysey commended site promoter Ptarmigan Land, with her sentiments being echoed by Cllr. James Frecknall (Trinity).

Councillor Mark Pope (Chadwell) said that he hoped to see early implementation of infrastructure inprovements required by the development, highlighting the impact that the development would have on the town.

The Executive voted unanimously to approve the Masterplan as a material consideration in any further planning application for the area.

The plans will go before the full council on 23rd October, when they are expected to be formally adopted.

Adoption of the Masterplan clears the way for a detailed planning application for the site, expected some time in the new year. Prior to this a public exhibition will be held to update local residents on further planning for the area.

The full masterplan document can be read here.

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