Holly Cross road. Trees gone :-(

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Holly Cross road. Trees gone :-(

Postby Pat-H » Fri 23 Mar 2018 2:34 pm

Drove down holly cross road to Stanstead Abbotts and a massive section is now missing its trees.
Really look bare now.
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Re: Holly Cross road. Trees gone :-(

Postby Mel » Sun 25 Mar 2018 4:30 pm

they were diseased apparently so had to come down before they fell
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Re: Holly Cross road. Trees gone :-(

Postby Cod » Mon 26 Mar 2018 9:50 am

I found a post on the Stanstead Abbotts Community Facebook page which explains what is happening...

"For some time I have been concerned at the condition of trees along Cappell Lane, along the Holycross Road, and towards the River Ash road bridge. There is a history of trees and branches falling onto the road. My arboriculturalist has advised that many of the remaining trees are unsafe, and it is only a matter of time before there is a serious road accident. My insurers have told me that they are very concerned.
Having failed to complete the necessary paperwork last year, I have now received permission to complete works in March, which allows me to complete the works before the trees are fully in leaf, and before the birds have started to nest.

Herts Council have granted a permit for the 5 days from Tuesday 13th March until Saturday 18th March, from 9:30 to 4:00 each day. During this time, there will be temporary traffic lights between St Andrews Church and Warrax, and the road will be closed from the 30 mph sign at Front Lodge as far as the bridge over the River Ash. The Council have approved notices and diversions, and these will be advertised before and during these works.

I'm very sorry for the inevitable inconvenience to residents. The traffic lights and the road closure will allow for the works to be completed safely and quickly, and if we get everything done in less time, then the diversion & traffic lights will be removed.
As for the works, the advice has changed, and more work needs to be done than was planned last year. Two large ash trees close to Church allotments need to be felled. Many more of the chestnuts have been assessed as dangerous, and will need to be felled. And there are at least three trees close to the road bridge over the River Ash that overhang the road and will need to be removed. Where possible, cordwood will be set aside and processed into logs or woodchip, and everything else will be burned on the neighbouring grass fields.

Where we are removing chestnut trees, if it is not too late, we hope to replant in the Spring. On the south side of the road, we will extend the hedge at Larch Cottages, planting an extra 300 m of native hedgerow towards the village as far as the 30 mph sign, and include a few specimen trees. To protect the hedge, there will be a new wire fence on the boundary between the roadside verge and the grass field, and the existing fence on the other side of the hedge will be retained to keep the cattle away from the young hedge plants. An added benefit of this new fence will be to stop people abandoning vehicles and dumping litter in the muddy laybys that are spoiling the approach to the village. On the north side of the road, four of the chestnut trees will be retained and pollarded, and I will plant more trees within protective guards in the pony field above the road.

I know many people care about the trees along this section of road and will be sorry to see trees being cut down. But the new planting will soon grow, and my overriding consideration must be the safety of road users. I will be glad to read any comments on this article that people may like to make. Thank you."

Nicholas Buxton, Easneye Estate
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