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All a bit of a nonsense really, there is no ulterior motive, nobody gets a "private security force".

East Herts is primarily a rural policing area, and therefore has officers dedicated as rural specialists. There is more to rural crime than just poaching, burglary is a constant problem in remote rural area with criminals using 4x4 vehicles to commit these crimes. East Herts were one of the first areas to make use of ATV's (quad bikes) - this vehicle came into its own during the Olympics and many other events. They allow officers to patrol known areas of crime and ASB that they otherwise would not be able to. It is well publicised that the first ATV was donated by Honda - are you going to accuse them of attempting to get a private security force also? I wasn't aware they were based in Herts.

It was a gift to the force, the same as in many other forces, where a land rover will be bought for a rural team by a Parish council, or in the met where a community policing team will be donated a car by a local business.

Things are tight and if it's offered the police will accept it. There's no strings attached - stop moaning about everything and just say thank you to whoever donated it. Stop looking for conspiracies where there is none.

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