Fake Workmen Approaching Householders

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Fake Workmen Approaching Householders

Post by Steve »

Apparently there are some dodgy characters going around knocking on peoples' doors asking them if they're interested in double-glazing. They claim to be working nearby. Has anyone been approached?

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Re: Fake Workmen Approaching Householders

Post by Ian »

Nothing here so far, but good to know. Someone near here was burgled recently so they may be taking the opportunity to stake out the empty houses.

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Re: Fake Workmen Approaching Householders

Post by onmyplanet »

There were three men in the Watton Road area today - approaching some homes but not others and not sure what basis they selected the ones they called at. They were extremely persistent. Assuming that they were the same ones you mean, they wore black branded jackets but I couldn't see the company names. I watched them give leaflets to other householders and it would be useful to know if anyone can ID the company if you think there may be a problem.

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