District Plan Pre-submission Draft

What do you think about the quality and pace of housing development in Ware?
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Re: District Plan Pre-submission Draft

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Matt40 wrote:I am no expert on the procedural process of this plan but I can't help think that upon reading Mark Prisk's letter that I just think it's all a bit of whitewash really with the decision already made.
FWIW this is the third public consultation on The District Plan.

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Re: District Plan Pre-submission Draft

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East Herts District Plan

The housing plan is moving on to it's next stage as the Government Inspector has announced dates for the hearings. These are to be held at Hertford County Hall for up to 3 weeks in early October. As far as I can tell any member of the public can simply turn up. But if you want to make a formal representation at the hearing you need to request this by 11 Sept.

The inspector seems to have focused on 3 areas in particular.
- The council's justifications for housing numbers
- Infrastructure requirements
- The effect on the Green Belt

So it looks like Oct 10-11 on infrastructure and green belt issues are particularly important.

All the info can be found here.
Overview https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/planningpolicy
Hearing schedule https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/article/35 ... g-Sessions
Additional documents for the hearings https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/article/35 ... -Documents

It's well worth going back and looking at the current plan from 2007 and especially the green belt section. The proposed expansion of Ware into the Green Belt and the Gilston development of N Harlow would never be allowed under the Green Belt rules as they were then. It's only the weakening of the Green Belt by the current government that makes it possible for the council to consider arguing for exceptional circumstances. And hence ignoring their own reports on the importance of the Green Belt in those areas.
https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/media/3030 ... ryside.pdf

Here's the email from the Inspector
Dear Representor,

Following my email of 11th April, 2017 I am writing to let you know that the Inspector has now issued her Draft Hearings Programme, Matters and Issues and Guidance Notes for the Examination in Public of the East Hertfordshire District Plan.

The hearing sessions will be held at the Council Chamber , East Herts Council, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Herts, SG13 8EQ and Part 1 will take place over a three week period starting at 10.00 am on 3rd October. Please see the draft programme for full details.

The second stage of the hearing sessions are scheduled to start on Tuesday 7th November and finish on Friday 10th November. I will be writing again in the next few weeks with the Hearings Programme and Inspector’s Matters and issues for Part 2 of the hearing sessions.

Please find attached the following documents:-

ED117 Inspector’s Matters and Issues for Part 1 of the Hearing Sessions.

ED118 Inspector’s Guidance Notes

ED119 Draft Hearings Programme for Part 1 of the Examination in Public of the East Hertfordshire District Plan.

Please note the following deadlines:-

5.00 pm on Monday 11th September for notifiying me that you wish to participate in Part 1 of the hearing sessions. Please Note: It is necessary to notify me if you wish to take part in the hearing sessions, regardless of whether you indicated previously that you wished to particpate. Full details are set out in Para 13 of the Inspector’s Guidance Notes.

5.00 pm on Monday 11th September for hearing statements from representors for Part 1 of the hearing sessions. Full details on the provision of hearing statements are set out in paras 22-28 of the Inspector’s Guidance Notes.

If anything is unclear or you would like any further information please let me know.

Kind regards,


Louise St John Howe
Programme Officer,
PO Services
PO Box 10965,
Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 3BF.
Tel: 07789-486419

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