Masterplan Consultation Today at the Priory

What do you think about the quality and pace of housing development in Ware?
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Masterplan Consultation Today at the Priory

Post by mb1 »

Ptarmigan Land are back at the Priory as their consultants have put together a draft masterplan for the north and east of Ware concreting project. You can find the details of their presentation here: ... RevE_s.pdf

there are lots of unanswered questions - like why are they still proposing to dump all traffic from the east of the site onto Widbury Hill where it plainly cannot be managed? why are they proposing to have kids travel from Hertford to the new secondary school? Will any of the planned facilities get built if the first phase is only 2-300 houses? And many many more.

The exhibition/consultation is at the Priory from 11am today (Tuesday 16 July) and then again on Thursday.

Get down there and have your say.

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Re: Masterplan Consultation Today at the Priory

Post by ware_resident »

I also went to this presentation. Call me synical if you want, but my impression was one of an excellent PR job, but at the end of the day, the planners will do what they want to maximise their profits, and sod the residents.

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Re: Masterplan Consultation Today at the Priory

Post by Pat-H »

Yes we went down and saw the slick drawings. Clever touch showing a neighbourhood as a pastel coloured patches. It made it look open and uncluttered. But once those patches are "estates" it will be different.

But we need more houses and they have to go somewhere. It is a shame they are unlikely to deliver what's promised and will cherry pick the parts that earn the most. Talk of affordable housing etc but we already know developers just fail to deliver and by that stage there is little to be done.

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Re: Masterplan Consultation Today at the Priory

Post by Cod »

There are indeed many unanswered questions with this proposal. After the traffic has headed east to Widbury Hill and formed a long queue in Star Street, where will they all park? Will there be many more parking spaces created? I doubt anyone with a car will elect to wait for a bus to take them into town and pay for the privilege. Perhaps they will take the new ‘Cycle Lane’ to Tower Road and ‘freewheel’ into town only to realise that the ride home up the valley side is a challenge for the fittest of athletes.

What will happen to the traffic heading west? The Charville roundabout is already busy at peak times and a lorry making a delivery in the High Street can cause delays backing up to Kings Hill. Maybe they will all join the A10, then it’s not our problem any more.

Do Travelling Showpeople need a permanent site? This area is of cause just a cynical ploy by the council. The area will function as a site office during construction and allow the council to say to government that they have made provision for ‘Travellers’, but they will change this to affordable homes or (if they need the money) prestige housing close to the A10.

Is there any point in having a ‘New Green Belt Edge’? If the council can build on protected land, the new green belt is no more protected than the bit they planning to concrete over.

Will broadband, water pressure and schooling infrastructure be improved before the building work starts? Does ‘Cowfields enhancement’ just mean they are installing dog waste bins? Has the council asked the people of Ware if they want this expansion at all?
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Re: Masterplan Consultation Today at the Priory

Post by Steve »

Cod wrote:There are indeed many unanswered questions with this proposal.
Hopefully many of these questions will be answered when a full planning application is submitted.

At the moment these are just conceptual plans.

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