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Ever dreamt about a fairer world ... about how you can change it?"We are indebted to half the world before we finish breakfast"
Martin Luther King

  • Ever thought about the impact of your shopping choices?


Ware's Fairtrade Group

In July 2006 Ware was awarded Fairtrade Town status by the Fairtrade Foundation of Great Britain. This was the result of more than a year of campaigning in Ware for the promotion of fairtrade products in Ware shops, cafes, restaurants and other organisations.

What is Fairtrade Town Status?

This status is awarded to towns that meet the following five criteria:

  • The local council must support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade goods itself
  • Fairtrade goods must be sold in a number of the town's shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes
  • A number of employers and other organizations in the town must use Fairtrade products
  • The town's media must give coverage and support to the Fairtrade campaign
  • There must be a local Fairtrade steering committee to ensure continuing town commitment to fair-trade.

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