Ware High Street traffic restrictions introduced

Wednesday 27 May 2020

A one way system has been introduced in Ware High Street to help with social distancing.

The direction of traffic is east to west, starting at the Star Street end of town and ending at Baldock Street. The road has been narrowed and speeds reduced to 20mph. This will mean wider pavements to enable social distancing.

The diversion takes drivers up Watton Road to the A10 and then redirects them along the A414 to enter the town from A1170 which takes drivers past Van Hages Garden Centre.

Measures are also being introduced in other Hertfordshire towns.

Councillor Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment, said: "This is a rapidly moving project, and we are now in a position to start rolling out some of the measures ahead of the Government’s timeline.

"We’re playing our part during this time, and hope residents will continue to demonstrate kindness to each other by keeping the two metres distancing.

"I understand and recognise that those living in town centres may experience some disruption, as the traffic management changes. But I hope they will appreciate feeling that their streets are made safer for pedestrians and residents alike as a result of the changes."

Ware High Street is now a one way street

Jim McManus, Director of Public Health at Hertfordshire County Council, said: "We have been advising our Highways colleagues to ensure that they have the right measures in place to allow people to safely go about their business in town centres, and enable them to socially distance as they do so."

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